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Production of Tokaj wines

Tokaj is an exceptional Central European appellation. The Tokaj winegrowing region as well as the production of Tokaj wines are governed by Act 313/2019 of the Collection of Laws of the Slovak Republic on Viticulture and Winemaking. The law defines seven Tokaj municipalities - Bara, Čerhov, Černochov, Malá Tňa, Slovenské Nové Mesto, Veľká Tňa and Viničky.

The specific character of Tokaj wines is a reflection of the terroir, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Although the term Terroir is derived from the Latin word "territory", it does not mean only territory. Terroir combines the unity of climate, soil, subsoil, varieties, technology, traditions and also the skill of the winemaker, which create the final inimitable character of the wine originating from the given place.

Tokaj is characterized by unique geographical, geological and climatic conditions, which are essential for achieving high quality grapes and for the production of grapes. Tokaj wines owe their exceptionality to "cibéba". A typical feature of the Tokaj region is a long and dry autumn. The soil is stony, of volcanic origin, which absorbs sunlight well, accumulates heat, which subsequently radiates at night and is still warm in the morning even after a cold night, which creates ideal conditions for the development of the noble mold Botrytis cinerea persoon. from climatic conditions in the year.

The Tokaj varieties are Furmint, Lipovina and Yellow Muscat.


The basic traditional products in Tokaj, produced by the oxidative method, are Tokaj native wines (dry and sweet) and Tokaj selections (3-6 putővý).

Tokaj natural dry is produced in years unfavorable for the formation of cybes, or from bunches from which cybes have already been collected. In the same way, Tokaj's native sweet wine is also produced from bunches, in which the proportion of cibeb is higher.

Tokaj selections are pearls in the necklace of Tokaj wines. In the production of Tokaj selections, the old mass measure - putňa and volume measure - Gönzsky sud 136 l are used.

The production of Tokaj selections requires two raw materials - cíbéby and Tokaj native wine, or must. Putňa was used for collecting cibeb in the past. Full contains 20-25 kg.

Before being used for the production of selections, we let the nectar flow from the grapes - that is, the nectar that flows out only due to gravity - which gives us the sweetest natural drink in the world, the Tokaj essence.

The ratio of cibeb and base wine is expressed by the number of putneys of the Tokaj selection. The wine volume of 136 l remains constant. For the production of 3-putna wine, a weight of 60-75 kg (ie 3x 20-25 kg) is needed, which is filled with 136 l of wine or cider of the parameters required by law. As mentioned, the production of the other selections is identical, it differs only in the amount of cibeb used.

Tokaj wines are aged in tuff cellars in oak barrels with a volume of 150 l and 300 l.

Tokaj wines have proven healing effects. In the past they were used as Universalis Vera Medicina. that is, a panacea. As the discoverer of penicillin, Alexander Fleming, said, "Penicillin cures, but wine heals."